Discovering Santa Fe, New Mexico on foot

Flapjack and I took many walks around Santa Fe stopping for a several photo ops. Flapjack has a unique ability to dress up any photo. Here Flapjack sits on a wall in the late afternoon light at the end of east San Francisco Street in front of the Saint Francis Cathedral.

Discovering Santa Fe, New Mexico on foot

One one of my walks I had a serendipitous experience as I walked along Canyon Road, I met Sagemaya Dandi an "old-timer" that moved to Santa Fe in the early 80's. He lives on slopes of a peak at the end of Canyon Road and collects his mail from a mailbox he petitioned the city to install along upper Canyon Road.

He gave me a guided tour of Canyon Road introducing me to several gallery owners and giving me a running history of the buildings along Canyon Road. 

Before Sagemaya (which means wise illusions) and his dog Butterball walked on down Canyon Road to their home, he told me I should head back into town along along Palace Road. One the way I'd find the walkway up to the top of the hill with a white cross on top. It was good advice.

The Cross of the Martyrs sits atop the hill overlooking Santa Fe, New Mexico. The cross together with the walkway, that includes several historic plaques, commemorates the 21 Franciscan monks that were slain during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The site was a given to the city during the 350th anniversary of Santa Fe's inception.

Cross of the Martrys walking tour article.
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