"Red Balloon White Star" Snowmass, Colorado

"Red Balloon White Star" - Snowmass, Colorado - Copyright Jerome Shaw 1979 /  www.JeromeShaw.com

"Red Balloon White Star" Snowmass, Colorado

A timeless classic.

A graphic image of a hot air balloon as it drifts straight overhead at the Snowmass, Colorado balloon festival. An often published image that has great visual impact.

This photo was created in 1979 and first published as a two-page spread in GuestLife Magazine. I was just beginning my commercial career in Aspen. The two-page spread was coupe for me at the time. It had a nice paycheck attached to it but the gutter fold of the magazine destroyed the dynamic nature of the image. It was a natural choice for my one man show in Denver given its boldness and color. It was wonderful to see the image large without the gutter clutter.

This image was featured in my one man show as a 32" x 40" / 80 cm x 100 cm digital print. Prints available for purchase.

These images are copyrighted and may not be used, re-posted or reproduced without direct written permission.

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copyright Jerome Shaw 2006 / www.jeromeshaw.com


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  2. Dimitri:

    You can reach me on Twitter at @JeromeShaw or via email at jeromeshaw17@msn.com. Please let me know what size print you are interested in purchasing.



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