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 A New Path

Travel Boldly has been the home of travel writer and photographer Jerome Shaw since its inception over 5 years ago, as his personal blog.

However, Jerome has a larger vision. He's transforming his personal travel blog into an exciting platform where bold travelers all over the world can contribute their personal travel stories and dynamic photographs of some of the world's most exciting and unique travel destinations. With your help, he intends to make Travel Boldly one of the premiere sites for travelers to read and contribute personal stories of bold and exotic travel.

Travel. Boldly.

Jerome Shaw will continue contributing bold travel stories as he travels to Mexico, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Europe and of course, his own backyard of Colorado in the upcoming year  (See his Travel Wish List for 2013.) He is looking for unique and exciting tales of bold travel, drawing from all walks of life and destinations. That's where you come in.
With your help, Travel Boldly can be everywhere YOU are.

Travel Boldly relaunched in the Fall of 2013 with a new look, new stories, new images and new writers and photographers. We hope you will join us by contributing to Travel Boldly.

When you contribute to Travel Boldly, your travel story and photography will be promoted across the Travel Boldly Social Media network of over 100,000 fans across several accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and beyond. Additionally, your personal website/ blog will be featured and linked in a byline on your story. You will also receive a short bio and photo along with a link back to your website/blog or social media account on our upcoming separate Contributors page. Finally, you'll have the chance to impact thousands of fellow bold travelers with your incredible story of bold travel, as well as gaining a publishing credit. Travel Boldly reaches well over 100,000 readers each month and is growing at over 10% per month. We expect to reach our millionth page view in 2014 and with the growth we are seeing we'll see our 2 millionth page view before mid 2015. We hope you'll be part of this growth.

 If you would like to contribute a travel story or image to Travel Boldly, please get in touch with Jerome by emailing TravelBoldly@Gmail.com. Important: Please include "Write for Travel Boldly" in subject line.

Jerome is available to guest blog on travel and photography site with a compatible readership to Travel Boldly. Please email Jerome to check on his guest blogging availability. Jerome will also test photography and travel products and provide concise reviews.

Welcome to the new chapter in Travel Boldly's story. We are so grateful you've turned the page with us.

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