Travel Boldly's growth as a travel blog. 2014 unique visitors and page views.

TravelBoldly has been around in one form or another since 2005 when it began a photo log named Post Cards From Brazil with images of Jerome Shaw’s 2005 trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. PCFB morphed into Travel Boldly in 2008. Still, Travel Boldly was a singular personal travel blog and a repository for 25+ years of Jerome’s travel adventures. In 2013 Travel Boldly underwent a transformation both in content, design, visitor numbers and direction.

Travel Boldly went from a good month being a few hundred unique visitors and few thousand page views a year ago to an arc tracking towards 170,000 page views and 95,000 unique visitors a month. We expect to host our millionth visit in September of 2014 and if our current growth continues we’ll see out two-millionth visitor in early 2015.

Travel Boldly's readers are extremely engaged.

The average Travel Boldly reader visits 4 pages and spends over 9 minutes on the site.  In Internet time that is like a lifetime!  Most sites struggle to keep their visitors engaged for 60 seconds. Travel Boldly beats that by 9 times. Six out of ten Travel Boldly readers visit more than the original page they came to see, this means top advertising units on Travel Boldly are seen on average times per session and 40% of Travel Boldly's visitors are regular readers.

Bold Statistics 
Page Views July 2014 = 170,115 per Google/Blogger direct measure (PVs +29% from June)
Unique Visitors July 2014 = 96,091
Bounce rate = 41.% (down 24%)  
Page views per visitor = 4.00 (up %) 
Daily time on site =  9:01 (up 66%)
Top Alexa Rank in 2014: 

An over 500k increase in our Alexa traffic rank in 2014
Google Page Rank = 2 
Page view and unique visitor growth currently tracking at +20% per month
75% of the current overall traffic is from the USA and over 80% is from North America

The meteoric rise in traffic on Travel Boldly is due to several factors but high quality written content and dynamic imagery are two of the most important reason for people flocking to Travel Boldly each month. With the introduction of articles from writers and photographers from England to Australia and photographers from the Netherlands to India we’ve added an enlarged viewpoint of the world. Travel Boldly continues to be lead by the vision of Jerome Shaw, he maintains the editorial direction of Travel Boldly while introducing new writers, photographers, topics and features.  

Travel Boldly will showcase new features in 2014 and 2015 including travel, photography and tech equipment reviews, cruise, hotel and travel destination reviews, photography and travel tips, a photographer’s journal, behind the photo, adventure profiles and photography how-to articles. 

We know that content is king so we are stepping up our efforts to bring you great new content and features each week. Still great content needs promotion and Travel Boldly is in the happy position of not relying entirely on the whims of Google and Bing to bring readers to us.

TravelBoldly has a network of 100,000+ social media followers. Which means our traffic is not tied to the vagaries of Google's next algorithm update. Google won't be able to take Travel Boldly out on a whim with its next decision on how to sort search requests. We aggressively promote new content to bring eyeballs to Travel Boldly and constantly showcase our high-quality archive of images, travel and adventure stories. Travel Boldly’s growth has been fueled by our loyal social media friends and they will continue to be at the forefront of our growth. Our presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ has brought huge increases in traffic. Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are beginning to provide new avenues to bring readers to Travel Boldly. Topical content aggregators like TheNeeds, Paper.li, Reddit, Digg will provide areas of growth. And, we’ll be on the lookout for the next big thing in Social Media and online promotion.
Bold Social Media
The Travel Boldly Twitter Network is 100,000+ and growing at 2% /mo
Facebook Network 2,000+ growing at 2% per month
Instagram 1250 stable
Pinterest 1000+ growing at 2-3% per month
Google+ 1000 growing at 3-4% per month
Jerome Shaw Klout Score 90-day range 73 to 68
Travel Boldly Klout Score 90-day range 64 to 58
Kred and Peer Index scores available upon request
Even so, we can’t ignore the power of search and will continue to mount an aggressive organic SEO program to bring new attention to the stellar travel and photography content on Travel Boldly. Search traffic accounts for less than 25% of Travel Boldly’s page views. We are constantly reviewing ways to increase search traffic by making Travel Boldly one of the cleanest, most Google friendly websites on the net. We belief that Google’s intention is to surface the best quality content in their organic search results so we focus our efforts on creating quality content oriented to keywords that are consistent with the topic of the each post. There are no shortcuts to search optimization. We are in it for the long run and expect that if we continue to produce high quality relevant content about travel, adventure and photography our place in search result will be secure.

Travel Boldly is undertaking a strenuous program to increase our page rank in 2014 to PR 4 with guest post links, revitalizing the links and authority of our archive links and developing more cooperative opportunities with the top travel blogs in the world. 

Why are we telling you all this?  While we are proud of our accompaniments and do enjoy a good boast as much as anyone, the real intent of sharing this information is to give you the information you need to join with Travel Boldly and make our transition to one of the top 100,000 websites in the world possible. In six short months we went from an Alexa ranking near ten million to top 200,000. While that was impressive, we understand the real work lies ahead. Moving up those next 100,000 places won’t be easy. 

Please consider helping us to reach these goals by purchasing advertising on Travel Boldly, sponsoring a post, sponsoring travel opportunities for our writers, photographers and videographers, or just donating to our cause. We hope you find that Travel Boldly provides you with top notch travel content and if you’d like to see us stay around you’ll partner with us in our goals and growth. 

Please email us at TravelBoldly @ Gmail.com for more information about any of these partnership opportunities. Please put the area of your interest in the subject line, i.e. Advertise On Travel Boldly, Sponsored Post Query, Press Travel Opportunity, etc.

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