Brazil Butts - Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Bikini / Brazilian Butts Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.JeromeShaw.com
Americans maybe obsessed with breasts but in Brazil, butts are king.  Though, well cleaved breasts are a close second. Rio is a very sensuous place to photograph and presumably to live.

Brazilian Butts

Photographing in Brazil was like a "day at the beach" for me.

While going topless on public beaches in Brazil is not common, the wearing of thongs and floss bikinis is de rigueur.  Brazilian girls and women proudly display their derrières, whether well-formed or not. You can certainly spot the the local gals on the beach as differentiated from most of their North American tourist sisters by their "granny panty" bikinis.

Are you brave enough to wear a Brazilian Bikini?  This question applies to the guys as well.  As opposed the long baggy shorts the gentleman in this photo is sporting, many Brazilian males wear a straight-leg cut and very brief, brief-style swim trunks at the beach.  Men's trunks in Brazil are not dissimilar from the Speedo-style swim trunks sometimes referred to as banana hammocks or budgie smugglers. Thankfully (in my opinion) thongs are not commonly worn by men on Brazilian beaches as in this photo.

Butts are king in Brazil.  Brazil even exports a video exercise series to the USA just to emphasize the notion that a large, well-rounded backside is the key to a woman's happiness and by extension that of her man's.

Brazil has given the world many amazing inventions, innovations and products over the years from cashews to açaí na tigela / açaí berry ice to Cachaça. Brazil has transformed musical tastes with the Samba. Bossa Nova and Forró.  Yet, it seems that some of the most impressive items Brazil has contributed to world culture come in the form of items that relate in some way to the feminine form.

The Brazilian wax is one of the most notorious. The Brazilian bikini is another - which came first the bikini or the wax?  Now they give us the exercise regime that creates the overly plump posteriors so prized in Brazil.

Don't worry be happy. Get your Brazilian butt exercise program on DVD or BluRay via late night TV.

Ladies, if you were vacationing in Brazil would you wear a Brazilian bikini?  Do you prefer men in the long baggy shorts or would you like to see your man in the Brazilian trunks?  I hesitate to ask the guys for any comments on this photo but, guys are you in favor of Brazilian bikinis and butts?  Does size matter?

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copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com

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  1. We were there for Carnival so preferred dressing up in funny costumes rather than the bravery of the beach attire that weren't always a beauty to behold


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