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From my travel journal while in Brazil Sunday October 23, 2005 at Copacabana Beach sitting at a table at QC-33.
Maisa and I in our apratment at 502 Barata Ribeiro - copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com
Maisa and Jerome in 502 Barata Ribeiro,
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
My first moments without Maisa here in Rio. She has gone home to vote, visit her Mum, and pick up some things. She has been gone an hour and a bit and Rio is not as much fun with out her by my side. I've come back to the place we first sat at the beach and had a drink, I'm back here and having an Antarctica Beer watching the world go by, wishing I had brought my book. And, missing Maisa very much. We've had an amazing time. I have been here 48 hours and could not be happier. Maisa is amazing. Rio is interesting but not as intriguing or visually splendid as I expected. Though some of that is due to the weather. Still I am enjoying Rio but can now feel that this is due to Maisa's presence.

She is stunningly beautiful. As I sit here in the beach it is a struggle to find a girl even in Maisa's league. Sure there are attractive women here but none so sweetly alluring to my eye. Yet, in talking about her physical beauty you are only speaking of the smallest quantity of her beauty. It is the kindness of her heart, the clarity of her soul that holds my own heart fast. Maisa's visage is far more than I deserve but the warmth of her spirit is FAR far more than I deserve.

Yet, I am blessed to be in her presence. Blessed even more that in me she sees someone she can love. Thank you Lord. Please bless this relationship we have begun, and Lord keep Maisa safe. Let her feel the love I have for her, allow me to love her the rest of my days here on earth.

I just looked at the first page of this journal in the numbers and things Maisa left for me and it warmed my heart. Thank you Lord for Maisa.

This recap was written Sunday October 23, 2005 mid afternoon

Recapping the time since my departure from Denver at the beach sitting at a table at QC-33

Thursday 10/20/05

My plane left Denver for Houston on Thursday @ 4:30 PM . It was hard to leave Tannith there alone. I know she will be O.K. but still I miss her.

An uneventful trip to Houston with an hour layover before the flight to Sao Paulo. I was surprised to see an attractive woman come to my seat and join me. Cristina was a very pleasant travel companion. A very talkative and interesting young woman. Were I not going to meet one of the most lovely creatures on Earth, Maisa, she (Cristina) would surely have been a highlight of the trip. Cristina was going home after 13 years of living outside of Brazil. She had married an American, lived in Hungary, Canada, the US, now divorced (but still friendly with her ex), she was going home to re-find her life. We parted company in Sao Paulo.

Friday 10/21/05

Maisa walking along the beach in Ipanema - copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com
Maisa walking along the beach in Ipanema
The flight was much delayed in Sao Paulo. And, while I had not been nervous before, now with the extra time I began to be a bit nervous. I imagined meeting Maisa for the first time in just a few minutes... well it turned into a 2+ hours delay and a change of planes.

The flight to Rio was less than 40 minutes, then a pass
through customs entry, grabbing my bag, a lucky pass through inspection and ... I rounded the corner... I had had some worry of being able to recognize Maisa. There was none ---- my eyes locked on her the moment I came round the corner. She was talking to a guy and I saw her smile light up---- our eyes met. The only obstacle to us now was a gauntlet of cab wranglers and money changers that lay between us.

We embraced ---- talked about things I can not recall. Maisa looked amazing! Tall, brown, beautifully feminine in blue jeans, an off white halter style blouse showing her figure off very well. Only a photo would come close to describing how lovely she looked. All I can say is that she looked so beautiful that I was a bit shocked.

I changed some money, we grabbed a cab (after many, many hugs and a few timid kisses). We fell into an embrace in the back of the taxi with Maisa putting her head onto my chest. What little awkwardness there was, melted away. We talked, cuddled, kissed. I tried not to watch the close proximity of the other cars and the swerving, lurching ride we were on.

The slightly distracting blend of the city outside and the death defying cab rid could not keep my mind from Maisa. I was transformed in those moments as we careened towards Copacabana.

The traffic slowed. The street narrowed,. Cars and people seemed everywhere but it is only in writing that I remember this... for I was seeing nothing but Maisa. We stopped on a narrow street a bit before the corner. We got out of the taxi --- I guess Maisa paid the taxi fare. I was in a trance but tried to mind my bags. A man from the street began to help steer us to a side entrance. "easier to get the bags in this way" Maisa said to me. --- We put everything into the elevator --- The fact is --- I do not remember it all.

Maisa's Lips - copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com
Maisa's Lips - copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com
The bags were all in the room. The door was closed. The curtains were drawn. Of little else was I certain. I stood there with Maisa right in front of me. We looked into eachother's eyes. We smiled. We kissed. First softly then with great passion. Whatever worry, whatever feelings of shyness there once had been --- evaporated there under the ceiling fan of our small apartment. We began to undress each other...

I'll spare the details but only say Maisa promised me something she would do when we first met and she did not forget. We made love then and we have barely stopped since. It has been beautiful---- far more than I could have expected

The time since I arrived until now have been a blur. My eyes have been locked on Maisa. The outside world has existed only as theater for us to enjoy as we walked , drank , and ate. Save for a few moments this morning when through some poor communication on my part Maisa doubted my attraction to her (which is almost impossible to believe), we have had a perfect time. But, a real time now. I give you thanks for this lovely woman named Maisa and even greater thanks that she loves me and I love her.

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Sunday October 23, 2005 mid afternoon


  1. you're right she is stunningly beautiful maybe that's why I can't say more it's stunning

  2. I keep coming back to this, I admire you more each day for being able to put all of this into words and actually do so, as much as I love and enjoy writing, I always seem to shy away from actually writing it down....

  3. Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing with us.


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