"Four Crosses" - Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico, USA

Four Crosses-  Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico USA
Four Crosses - Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico USA
The warm colors or the adobe and the stark white of the crosses bring a vibrancy to this image of the American Southwest. I enjoy the simple composition of this photograph.
Taos is one of my favorite travel destinations especially because it is just a few hours from my home in Denver. Yet, it is a world a way. It is full of colors, markets, galleries, fine restaurants, great taco stands, and last but not least a remarkable brew pub named Eske's. Have an India Pale Ale or an ESB (here it stands for Eske's Special Bitter) and tell them Jerome says "hi and I'll be back soon".

If you are looking for weekend get away to hone your travel photography skills join me for one of my workshops in Taos.  I have them in May and October each year.  We are planning the next one for May 2014.  For more information contact me  at TravelPhotoTours on Facebook

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Subject : Four Crosses - Taos, New Mexico - USA
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  1. Thanks for your comment Senad.

    I see you are from Denver - me too.

    I'll swing by your blog tomorrow to have a look around.



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