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 The Great Hostel Give Back

                 ...or how to stay on the cheap and do good things while you travel. 

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Are you looking for a way to get out of town? Money in short supply are friends in the same financial condition so you can't even borrow money from them?

Travel Boldly to the rescue.

Here is a bold plan. Round up seven of your friends and participate in the Great Hostel Give Back. You can get a free overnight stay at participating HI USA hostels across the country. The only catch, and it is not really a catch but a benefit, is that you have to volunteer at least 2 hours per day in the community surrounding the hostel you'll be staying in. Not only will volunteering net you a free night's stay it will give you warm fuzzy feeling that will probably last until next year when you do it all over again. And who knows volunteering might even become a habit. This program is for January and February but get your applications in early.

HI USA believes "in the power of travel to open minds and the power of community service to open hearts. Above all, we believe that these experiences should be rewarding – not costly." 
"For the ninth consecutive year, HI USA is offering groups across the country free overnight stays at HI USA hostels in January and February through our Great Hostel Give Back (GHGB) program.

With a little planning, you and your buddies can mount a cross-country volunteering trip and see the USA.

You now have one less reason to put off traveling. Get out there. Meet new people. Explore new places. Do good for the community. See parts of the USA you have always wanted to visit and make the places you visit better.  It is a win-win proposition.
"HI USA’s lounges, kitchens, and dining rooms ensure plenty of opportunities to connect with other travelers. We invite your group to join in with our free events, tours and activities to meet like-minded travelers and explore the hidden gems of the city."
You don't have to want the change the world to take advantage of this great offer but you probably will. You can be a selfish vagabond who just wants to travel on the cheap. But who knows, the hours you contribute to the local community may, in fact, have several unintended consequences and might even make you a better person in the process. And if not, you saved some cash.

If you do put together a group please let me know via the comments below.  Who knows your travels might get featured here on Travel Boldly.


I was the guest of the HI USA hostel in Washington D.C. as part of the White House Travel Blogger Summit. It was my first stay in a hostel but it won't be my last.

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