Art Print Composite - some of my favorite images as wall prints

"Art Print Composite"

Prints for Sale

This composite contains some of my favorite photos. They were part of a one man exhibit in Denver. Most are now in private collections.
Travel Writing & Photography Workshop and Tour 
Santa Fe, NM  May 29 – June 1, 2014
Soon however these images will be available for purchase in an online store format until then you can order images via email at the prices and sizes below.

Prints of any of my photographs on this site are available in any perfect format ratio size (A x A+50%). Please contact me for sizes available and prices.

* 40x60 = $1200
* 30x40 = $750
* 24x36 = $500
* 24x24 = $400
* 18x24 = $250
   13x19 = $195
* These prints are mounted on 1/4' white foam core. Shipping cost will vary depending upon size and your location.

For information please email me 

Contact me at @JeromeShaw  or Facebook 

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