"Lumina" - Taos, New Mexico USA


This is one of my most favorite photos. It is quite different from many of the photos I create in that it has much more subtle tones and textures. It also has a much more complex composition.
Travel Writing & Photography Workshop and Tour 
Santa Fe, NM  May 29 – June 1, 201
I normally gravitate to cleaner more stark compositions with just a few elements. This image has many competing textures and elements. The chaos of this type of composition is often hard to manage. In my opinion for once I managed it well. The image has wonderful textural details in the shadows in the foreground. The riot of shadows created by the fence poles lead the eye around the photograph in an unrelenting manner.

The photo was created during a photo workshop I was teaching in Taos a few years back. It is very rare for me to make any decent photos while out in the field teaching a workshop. I usually do not have the time or concentration required to make good images. This is the exception. I had a rather small group and we were out early one morning near the Mabel Dodge House in Taos. The Lumina Gallery is next door and is one of my favorite places to visit in Taos. If I were rich I would live right there.

The group was complaining that they did not see much of interest to photograph. I went in search of some new subject matter for the group. I happened to take a walk to the back of the building and wedged myself, my tripod, and my camera into a very small space between the building and the fence. I could see the possibilities for the shot immediately. However, getting the camera into position on the tripod in such tight quarters proved difficult. The lighting of the scene also proved difficult to handle as well.

It is wonderful experience when the image you conceive in your head is able to be translated to the final print.

This image was featured in my shows as a 20" x 30" / 60 cm x 70 cm digital print. I have this print in my private collection.  Prints available for purchase

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  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely love the textures there and maybe its because I am quite confident now but the colours are somehow calming. Its amazing how the four or five colours are present in that picture, in different shades maybe but still. I envy you don't know if I'll have the patience to develop my skills to that point....


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