"Papayas" Bairro Peixoto Market, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Standing sentry, the two shards of papayas glow with freshness in the market at
Bairro Peixoto in Copacabana.


One of my favorite things to do was to go to the open air markets that were held in Copacabana not far from our apartment each Sunday and Wednesday. The market at Bairro Peixoto, held on Wednesday, was by far my favorite. Even in only the month that I was in Brazil, I began to know some of the market vendors. Or more precisely, I think it is fair to say, they began to know me, at least by sight. I always went to the market with my cameras. I stuck out like a sore thumb even without the tangle of photo gear twisted around my neck, but being towed around the market by Maisa I became even more noticeable.

I was forever being offered samples of papaya, mango, jackafruit, banana, and other fruits I often did not recognize. By the time I had circled the square I had a nice snack. It was not just a friendly gesture, as they were vying to curry favor with me for their products. They did this even knowing that it was not I but Maisa that was doing most of the shopping.

A trip to this market was a great treat for the taste buds and for the eyes. Many of my favorite photos from my time in Rio de Janeiro came from these forays to the open air markets. I did develop my favorite vendors and began to discern between the better and the best of them.

Now that I am back in Colorado I can barely tolerate the bananas we have here and I long for freshly made mango juice and a cold slice of papaya with my coco bread for breakfast.

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Standing sentry the two shards of papayas glow with freshness in the market at Bairro Peixoto in the Copacabana section of Rio de Janeiro, just blocks way from the famous beach.

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