Mary Poppins does Carnival. Mazatlan, Mexico

"Mary Poppins floats on a sea of chimney sweeps, Carnival Mazatlan, Mexico" copyright JeromeShaw 2013 / www.JeromeShaw.com

"Mary Poppins surfs on a sea of chimney sweeps, Carnival Mazatlan"

"I''ll never be able to look at Mary Poppins in the same way" whispered my travel companion Mike Fisher, a travel writer and humorist from Calgary, Canada.

I had to agree. Something about the sea of chimney sweeps that buoyed Mary down the street had a less than wholesome vibe about it.  While our Ms. Poppins was properly and demurely clad, the smile on her face and look in her eyes belied her innocent attire. She was ready to get her party on in Mazatlan.

Carnival in Mazatlan is like that.  There is wholesomeness about this Carnival party that is not found in some of the other great pre-lenten festivals in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro.  The pervading feeling in Mazatlan is that things may get a little wild but ultimately they'll be OK. Yet, there is also a something very provocative and thrilling about the miles long parade that runs next to the Malecon that parallels the gentle curve of Bahia de Puerto Viejo. There is palpable energy that radiates from the throngs of party goers that stagger bar to bar & stage to stage to dance all night to a potpourri of music in the Olas Altas beach area.  Even when you are swept up in a wave of people moving towards the Plazza Machado in Historico Centro district of old Mazatlan you feel like you are just partying with 300 or 400 thousand of your best friends.

This post is the first in a series of photos and stories about Mazatlan and Carnival.  I hope you come back to read more about this wonderful colonial coastal city on Mexico's Pacific Ocean.  Please share your Mazatlan experiences with me in the comments.

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copyright Jerome Shaw 2013 / www.jeromeshaw.com

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