Everything Big Gets Small Again: Nanobrewery Boom in Denver

Everything Big Gets Small Again: Nanobrewery Boom in Denver

Colorado's craft brewing industry has created some of the biggest fish in the microbrewery pond. The growth has catalyzed a brewing ecosystem, as the big fish have spawned many little fish. Nanobreweries are opening up in Denver at a very swift clip. But one question remains: What is a nano brewery?

The nano brewery motto might well be "go small or stay home." Stay home and drink the canned and bottled offerings of the top commercial and craft brewers, but if you want a truly unique experience, find a nano brewery near you.

Nanobreweries are creating tailor-made experiences for their customers by brewing small batches with special ingredients, revived brewing styles, and an experimental attitude.

"It takes big balls to always be brewing new beers," says Bryan Leavelle of Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew in Five Points.

But there's an upside, adds Leavelle. "Not being tied to a huge inventory of beer is one of the great things about small-batch brewing. Your mistakes cost you less. The difficulty is finding a balance between new beers and the beers your regulars like to drink."

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