Greece: adventures in the Ionian Islands

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The many hues of blue and green bring serenity to this view in the Ionian Islands of Greece. "Marvelous things happen to one in Greece, marvelous good things that can happen to one nowhere else on earth.”

Greece: adventures in the Ionian Islands

Time has a variable rhythm in different situations.

Have you ever been at a stop light, that though only 45 seconds long, seemed to take FOREVER? Or have you spent a day with someone so delightful that even twelve hours seemed far too short and then experienced the exact opposite feeling standing in a line next to someone so obnoxious that 2 minutes seemed like an eternity.

Time is a fluid concept.

As a child, summer days once seemed delightfully long. Now an entire summer seems to streak by in a blinding flash between June and September. Time starts and stops, speeds and slows sometimes at a whim and sometimes because of person or place.

Greece is a place that reigns in the racing internal clock of our lives, elongating moments, increasing our patience, and decreasing our stress. The pace of life in Greece overtakes you, stalling your internal clock, jamming the brain waves that put us on our frenetic pace in the workaday world. And should you bring to this place a special person, one so alluring... well, time for you can nearly stop.

The Ionian Islands on the west coast of Greece are places of historic and monumental feats. A place where even holidays seem to last just a bit longer. These are the islands that Aristole Onassis claimed for his private sanctuary. The islands from which sprang the legendary travels of Odysseus. Islands famous for myths and truths. The legends of Sapho, so inflamed by unrequited passion that she leapt to her death from the cliffs on the Cape of Lefkata, originated here. They are quiet and beautiful but most of all they are romantic. "Marvelous things happen to one in Greece" reveled author Henry Miller, "marvelous good things that can happen to one nowhere else on earth.”

More on sailing in the the Ionian Islands of Greece coming soon

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