Travel Writing on Location - The Era of the One-Man Band Returns to Travel Journalism by Jerome Shaw

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In today's Travel Media environment you need to be able to do it all and do it all very well.
The era of specialization is ending, at least in travel writing. Honing your skills as s writer,
photographer and video producer is must for today's travel journalist. Photo via WikiMedia
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This is my recent guest blog post on Travel Writing on Location:

The Era of the One-Man Band Returns to Travel Journalism

When I began my career in commercial photography and ventured into the genre of travel photography I was told that photographers should not try to write. They should concentrate their talents on the visual aspects and leave the writing to writers.  I suppose they may have told writers something similar about venturing into photography.

However, in today’s media landscape the ability to take compelling photographs and write dynamic copy go hand in hand.  You can’t separate one from the other and you should probably begin to hone your video production and sound recording talents as well because the era of the one-man band writer/photographer/filmmaker is back.

Whether you are writer hoping to break into new travel markets or a photographer looking for new places to publish your images, you need to make an effort to strengthen the weaker of the two disciplines if you are going to succeed in travel writing in 2014. Writers have to learn to improve their photos to publication quality for the image driven media outlets of today, and photographers have to learn to translate their ability to capture the visual reality of travel into well-crafted text.

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