"I haven't seen the Southern Cross since ever so long ago!" ~ Rudyard Kipling

Playing in the surf on Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Copyright Jerome Shaw
Playing in the surf on Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Jerome Shaw

Rudyard Kipling
"The Friends"

I had some friends --- but I dreamed that they were dead ---
Who used to dance with lanterns round a little boy in bed.
Green and white lanterns that waved to and fro:
And I haven't seen a Firefly now since ever so long ago!

I had some friends --- their crowns were in the sky ---
Who used to nod and whisper when a little boy went by,
As the nuts began to tumble and the breeze began to blow:
And I haven't seen a Coco-palm since ever so long ago!

I had a friend --- he came up from Cape Horn,
With a Coal-sack on his shoulder when a little boy was born:
He heard me learn to talk, and he helped me thrive and grow:
And I haven't seen the Southern Cross since ever so long ago!

I had a boat --- I out and let her drive,
Till I found my dreams were foolish, and my friends were all alive.
The Coco-palms were real, and the Southern Cross was true:
And the Fireflies were dancing --- so I danced too!

Rudyard Kipling

from Brazilian Sketches

Sunset on Ipanema Beach near Arpoador Rock Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. copyright Jerome  Shaw 2005 /
Sunset on Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photographs copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 /


  1. Coming from Australia, I miss the Southern Cross every night! I still haven't gotten the hang of the northern sky.

    I would definitely like to see a post about how to make an authentic caipirinha, and I agree - to be truly authentic, it should be posted (with photos) from Copacabana or Ipanema.

    I have some posts about my trip to Indonesia further back in my blog, and am working on a series of posts about Iceland. Only a few months late!


  2. I lived in New Zealand for a year and I was 180 degrees off the entire year. I lived North of Auckland but for me it was straight South.

    I had a rather bad imitation of a caipirinha here in Colorado the other day so I know there is a need for the a how-to make caipirinhas video, I am planning a trip back in January and will add that to my to-do list.

    I'll watch for your posts on Iceland.

    Thanks for your comments


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