Arpoador Rock - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arpoador Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Arpoador Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arpoador Rock sits sternly between two of Brazil's most famous beaches, Copacabana & Ipanema. The Two Brothers (Morro Dois Irmaos) rock formation which is located at the West end of Leblon beach and is just visible in the far background of this photo.

Arpoador Rock and the surrounding parks and beach area quickly became one of my favorite places for photography in Rio. In the mornings the early light came in over the ocean and bathed Ipanema beach and the mountains behind with perfect light. Fort Copacbana is a short walk away and a great place to get a wonderful morning view of Copacabana beach and Sugarloaf Mountain with the glow of sunrise behind them.

In the evening as the sun drops low in the sky, Copacabana and Sugarloaf are well lit from Copacabana Point in the Fort Copacabana. Arpoador Rock is a great place to watch the sunset over Ipanema and Gavea Peak.

The photo was taken with a Nikon F100 film camera using a 20mm f 4 Nikkor lens. The film used for this image is Fujicolor Superia 200. The exposure is f 22 @ 1/125th second. The shot was taken in early morning light coming from camera left position at a low angle.

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"Arpoador Rock "
Arpoador Rock sits sternly between Copacabana & Ipanema beaches. The Two Brothers rock formation is just visible in the distance.

Subject : Arpoador Rock - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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