"Yellow Composition" Tortola, British Virgin Islands

"Yellow Composition"  Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  Photo by Jerome Shaw http://www.JeromeShaw.com
"Yellow Composition"  Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  Photo by Jerome Shaw http://www.JeromeShaw.com

This photo was created on a travel assignment to the British Virgin Islands. One of the things I enjoy about being out on a travel assignment is that if gives me license to photograph things I might otherwise pass by. Wandering around during down time while out in the field is often a solitary and reflective experience. It also give me a great way to unwind and get off by myself.

While this is not one of the photos that was selected for publication with the article it is one of my favorites. I enjoy creating minimalist compositions with bold graphic elements involving rich raw color. This certainly fits that description. This wall was part of the hotel property on the island of Tortolla. What I remember most about taking this photo was having to stand high on my tiptoes to get just the composition I was looking for and to eliminate a distracting element on the edge of the frame line.

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Subject : Yellow Composition - Tortolla - British Virgin Islands
Original Posted Date: : Nov 4, 2006 9:02 AM 



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