"Haute Route" Sawtooth Mountains. Idaho USA

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Cross Country Skiers cross a frozen lake in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, USA. Photo: Copyright Jerome Shaw 2009 / http://www.TravelBoldly.com
Cross-country skiers - traverse a frozen lake in the Sawtooth Mountains of  Idaho, USA  Photo: copyright Jerome Shaw 2009

"X-C Skiers Sawtooth Mountains - Idaho USA "

The cool blues and whites of winter in the mountains.

Skiers are dwarfed by the jagged peak in Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. Much of the time when making images of skiing, the skier dominates the photo. However in this image, the true balance of man against nature is portrayed in the proper proportions. In the mountain environment humans are but a spec on this austere beauty, a temporary voyager passing through the timeless beauty of the winter landscape.

This image was made on a 10-day haute route through the mountains of Idaho. The days were spent telemarking in some of the most unspoiled snow fields I had ever seen and making a movie and photographs about Telemark Skiing. During our time in the back country we lived in snow caves. While this might sound a bit ominous, snow caves are quite cozy and much warmer than winter camping in tents. An unintended rivalry began in the construction of the snow caves as we moved along our route through the Sawtooths. The competition created innovative designs and creature comforts carved into the snow.  Each afternoon we were like a bunch of kids caught up in the building of a tree house as we fashioned our home for the night.

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This image was featured in my Denver exhibit as a 40" x 60" / 100cm x 150cm digital print. Prints available for purchase.

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