"Circle Garden" Costa Rica

A porthole in the stairwell of the hotel frames a beautiful garden landscape in Costa Rica

 "Circle Garden" Costa Rica

A tropical garden photographed through the porthole window in the garden wall.

I like to get up early for a walk around the hotel property where I am staying. Occasionally you are rewarded with a beautiful scene.  Such was the case in Costa Rica when I was on a travel photography assignment from hell.  I was acting as the photographer portion of a writer/photographer team on 5-day tour that was a mixture of journalists and travel agents.  No disrespect towards travel agents intended but travel journalist and travel agents are a combustible mix.  The two groups are almost always at cross purposes. (PR pros take note) The travel agents need to tour properties, see hotel rooms, hear about vacancy rates and seasonal specials.  Travel writers may have modest interest in this information if the they write for trade publications.  Travel photographers have no interest in the information and in most cases no needs to endure it.

This particular tour was a combination fam tour and press trip.  In retrospect it felt like we were shot through Costa Rica on an arrow glancing around the country from one attraction to the next.  The truth was we lumbered around Costa Rica, 16 people stuffed into a 15 passenger van.  We bumped and thumped on rough roads into the mountains to visit places like Monteverde and Po├ís Volcano, changing hotels every night.

As I mentioned before I like to get up early and walk around the property and that was a good thing because had I not I wouldn't have had any photographs of the hotels we stayed at during this Costa Rican road rally.  We often arrived at our next destination after dark and too often were back in the van not long after first light.

If my memory serves me well this photo was actually made en route from my room back to the van to start another day on the road.  I probably kept the travel agents waiting for me in the van but to me that seemed justified for all the times I had to endure one more hotel room tour.

This image was featured in my one man show as a 24" x 24" / 60cm x 60cm digital print. Prints available for purchase.

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