"Iris" Aspen, Colorado USA

Iris photographed near Aspen, Colorado. copyright Jerome Shaw 1978 / www.JeromeShaw.com
Iris photographed near Aspen, Colorado. 

"Iris" Aspen, Colorado USA

An old favorite, this photo is 35 years old and one of the first times I shot color film with much intention. I remember that it was spring in the Roaring Fork Valley and I had just moved down valley from Aspen. I was testing out new equipment I had purchased. I set up this photo late in the afternoon to take advantage of the low angle, warm light. I was very deliberate in how I controlled the depth of field and set up this composition.

While I have not made a career out of photographing flowers I seem to often photograph flowers as a part of my travel assignments. Even after all these years this remains one of my favorites.

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