"Me and My Llama" Peru

"Me and My Llama" Peru

A Little Girl Hugs Her Baby Llama

The children of Peru are some of the most beautiful subjects for photography on the planet. Throw in a hug and a baby llama and how can't you miss.

Peru was one of the first times in my photographic career where I realized that I have a gift for photographing people. Up until I traveled to Peru I thought my photographic gift was in nature landscapes.  I enjoyed getting out into the backcountry and being alone. The rocks didn't talk back and you never had figure out how to pose a tree. But I began to notice that in my commercial photography business the assignments that were coming my way were mostly people oriented jobs.

I really didn't want to be pigeonholed into shooting only one genre of images.  I wanted to dabble in a little of this and little of that.  I wanted to take my 4x5 camera out and shoot nature landscapes but also do commercial ski and sportswear images,  Maybe a few B&W nudes every now and then.

I have since come to the conclusion that in commercial photography if you don't pick your pigeonhole someone will pick one for you.

Apparently the landscape nature images that populated my portfolio were not significantly different from many of the images other photographers that were vying for the same jobs were showing. My people images, however were a notch above the rest and I got more assignments involving photographing regular people and models in situations designed to look like they were just a momentary slice of real life even though some were highly manufactured and propped photo shoots.

This photo however, is just that a momentary slice of life in Peru. No props, no direction, just a little girl and her baby llama.

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