"Maisa in the Mirror" Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maisa in the Mirror - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com
"Maisa in the Mirror" B&W photograph from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Maisa in the Mirror"

Sometimes photos just appear without any direction and you just have to be savvy enough to see them. This photo appeared and disappeared in seconds. I managed two frames before Maisa noticed me taking pictures and the opportunity evaporated. The moment of a photograph is transient and moments in life are ephemeral, it is with photography that we can arrest the relentless assault of time. The image embodies a sensibility of an earlier era though it was taken in 2005.

This image was featured in my exhibit as a 24" x 36" / 60cm x 90cm digital print. Prints available for purchase.

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copyright Jerome Shaw 2005 / www.jeromeshaw.com


  1. again wow and that thing about earlier times- totally with you there, it's so amazing she seems to be very content, sort of glowing from the inside, an amazing woman really

  2. So I thought about it again, maybe it is good and valuable that moments like these evaporate, if you consider the ways the human mind reacts to having a lot of something

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