"A Toothy Grin" - Jardim Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Tooth Grin-Jardim Redentor RJ, Brazil /copyright Jerome Shaw 2006 / www.jeromeshaw.com

"A Toothy Grin"

Robert flashes a toothy grin when I turn the camera on him on Rua Coelho Branco, Jardim Redentor. Robert is the brother of sisters Jennifer and Beatriz from the photo "You want a photo of ME?" published previously here on Travel Boldly.

Robert was plenty mad at me when he found out that I had brought his sisters a copy of the photo I had taken of them but had not brought one of him. Unfortunately, Robert's photo was shot earlier on a film camera and was not available until I returned to Colorado. I owe Robert a photo and will mail it soon. I look forward to seeing him again on my next trip to Brazil.

Condensed caption:
"A Toothy Grin"
Robert flashes a toothy grin on Rua Coelho Branco, Jardim Redentor,
Rio de Janeiro. Robert is probably still mad at me for bringing a photo
for his sisters but not for him. I'll get that photo to you Robert, I promise

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copyright Jerome Shaw 2005/ www.jeromeshaw.com


  1. I am glad you like the photo. Thanks for taking the time to comment

  2. Here's a cute little fella. You don't need all teeth to have a charming smile :D

    1. Thanks Mighty Traveller - I have to agree about not needing all your teeth to have a charming smile.

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